I retired in 2011 from a long career as a university faculty member, researcher, and administrator. Additionally, I was employed a number of years in the broadcast industry, the aerospace and electronics industry, and operated a successful small business with a partner. Prior employers include WBNS-TV, Rockwell International, RCA Corporation, DeVry University, the University of Kansas (KU) Center for Research, the University of Missouri–Rolla (UMR–now known as Missouri University of Science and Technology), and International Business Communications (IBC).

My work at WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio involved a wide range of technical activities supporting live and recorded TV productions. WBNS-TV maintained an amateur radio "shack" in a small building adjacent to the studio at the base of their TV transmitting tower for the exclusive use of its licensed employees and I was able to utilize some of this equipment to become familiar with amateur television which was quite popular in the Central Ohio area at the time.

I participated in the analysis, design, and testing of missile flight control systems (autopilots) for Rockwell International in Columbus, Ohio. This work required me to become familiar with many aerospace engineering concepts (such as aerodynamic transfer functions) which expanded my knowledge in this branch of engineering and allowed me to integrate those concepts with my knowledge of electrical engineering.

I participated in the analysis and design of communications and radar systems for RCA Corporation in New Jersey.

I spent over 25 years in teaching and administration at the Electronics, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering Technology level at DeVry University. I was a Professor and later Dean of Electronics Engineering Technology (at that time the largest EET program in the country) at the Columbus campus, Dean of Faculty at the Kansas City Campus, National Associate Dean for Engineering and Engineering Technology, Vice President of Accreditation, and later Vice President of Academic Affairs for this multi-campus system based in the Chicago area. During my tenure with DeVry I was very active with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), serving as a program evaluator and as a team chair/member of the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET. Individuals are appointed to ABET positions by their engineering professional societies and in my case, I was appointed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). I was also an active member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and presented papers, participated in panel discussions, and chaired sessions at several of their annual conferences and at their Engineering Technology Leadership Institute (ETLI) conferences. Additionally, I also served as a consultant/evaluator for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the regional accreditating agency for colleges and universities in the midwest and some western states.

As a Senior Research Engineer and Project Engineer at the University of Kansas Center for Research, I was responsible for conducting microwave remote sensing system design and research for sponsors such as NASA, the U.S. Army, Sandia Laboratories, Texas Instruments, and other organizations. I also assisted in teaching a graduate level lecture/laboratory course at KU related to my work in microwave sensor design and antennas.

As an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at UMR I was involved in teaching microprocessor and digital system design, antenna design, and microwave circuit design. I worked with a number of graduate students as their M.S.E.E. thesis advisor and advisory committee chair. Additionally, I taught evening graduate-level courses in the St. Louis area and served as the M.S.E.E. thesis advisor and advisory committee chair for several of these off-campus students. I applied for and was selected as a Doctoral Faculty Member for the University of Missouri system (Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, and Rolla). This appointment was based upon my prior education, research, and publications and it qualified me to chair and/or serve on the advisory committee of Ph.D. candidates at any of the four campuses. With this status, I did have the opportunity to serve on the Ph.D. advisory committee of several UMR students. I established the UMR Microwave Applications Laboratory and conducted applied research in microwaves and antennas in conjunction with my graduate students. I received hardware and software support from industrial firms such as Texas Instruments and EEsof in addition to support from the university. In 1990 at UMR, I was selected to receive the Amoco teaching award as an outstanding faculty member at the university during that academic year. An amateur radio connection at UMR was service as trustee for the student club station, W0EEE, and providing assistance to interested students in their pusuit of the hobby.

At IBC, I managed the IT systems and the business side of the partnership which specialized in the production of college level textbooks and educational software.