Ed retired in late 2011 from a career as a university faculty member, researcher, and administrator. Additionally, he was employed a number of years in the broadcast industry, aerospace and electronics industry, and operated a successful small business with a partner. Prior employers include WBNS-TV, Rockwell International, RCA Corporation, DeVry University, the University of Kansas Center for Research, the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly the University of Missouri–Rolla) and International Business Communications.

Ed's work at WBNS-TV involved a wide range of technical activities supporting live TV productions. Ed participated in the design of missle flight control systems and radar systems for Rockwell and RCA. He spent over 25 years in teaching and administration at the electronics and computer engineering technology level for DeVry. As a Senior Research Engineer and Project Engineer at the University of Kansas, he was responsible for conducting microwave remote sensing research for sponsors such as NASA, the U.S. Army, Sandia Laboratories, Texas Instruments, and other organizations. As an Assistant Professor at UMR he was involved in teaching microprocessor and digital system design, antenna design, and microwave circuit design. He also conducted applied research in microwaves, antennas, and laser communications at that institution. In 1990 at UMR (MST), he was selected to receive the Amoco teaching award as the outstanding faculty member at the university during that academic year. At IBC, he managed the IT systems and the business side of the partnership.

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